Recent vehicles added to Group Fleet are:

JUNE 16 – 5 x New DAF XF Superspace 460 bhp tractors – GN16 LLF, GN16 LLG, GN16 LLJ, GN16 LLK, GN16 LNH

JULY 16 – 1 x MAN TGX 480 bhp tractor – EJ13 NPE (Bought used, only 100K kms on the clock!)

SEPTEMBER 16 – 3 x New DAF Superspace 460 bhp tractors – GN66 ZCX, GN66 ZCY, GN66 ZCZ

OCTOBER 16 – 2 x MAN TGX 480 bhp tractors EJ13 NPV (Bought used only 120K kms on the clock!) and OY16 UHX (Ex demonstrator, only 20K kms on the clock)

All in our distinctive ‘Myers Group’ livery

The fleet is looking good!


October 2015 saw GN65 NDU and GN65 NDV join the fleet, and on 1st March 2016, GN16 FNH, GN16 FNJ and GN16 FNK joined them.

All are in our distinctive Myers livery, except FNJ and FNK which are in the stunning livery of our client, Mammoet Ferry Transport16 REG


January 2016 saw five ex demo MAN TGX XXL Euro 6 tractors join our fleet – with delivery mileage only.
These trucks are MW15 VPK (560 HP), MW15 VPZ (440 HP), MW15 VRK, MW15 VRL and MW15 VRM, the last three being 480 HP)

Look out for them on the road!

DAF’s on order!!

October will see the start of more new DAF’s being delivered to us.

A total of 16 DAF XF 460’s with Superspace cabs and full specification have been ordered from Channel Commercials PLC of Ashford, Kent – some as replacements and some as additions to the fleet.

This firmly proves our reliance on the marque, although we will continue to purchase other makes in order to be fully conversant with what is on offer in the truck marketplace!

More MAN’s join the fleet!!

To add vehicles to our fleet quickly to cope with the upsurge in business, we were fortunate to locate and purchase 3 MAN TGX XLX 26.440 tractors in as new condition – all with less than 190000 kms on the clock.

DA11 NHP, DA11 NKX and DE11 XWB went into service with us during the last week all in our usual ‘Myers’ livery.

These vehicles were supplied under MAN’s TopUsed scheme and are guaranteed for two years.

We are on track!!!

Our fleet is now totally satellite tracked!
Followed various trials, we have recently installed trackers throughout the fleet to pinpoint truck positions when required by our clients – the system also allows us to follow the journeys covered by our vehicles and to collate information on fuel consumption, driving patterns etc.


Our latest additions to the fleet, GN65 PPV and GN65 PPX, are Mercedes New Actros Gigaspaces – this time rated at 510 bhp!
One is in our ‘Myers’ livery and the other rather stunningly (in our humble opinion) emblazoned in the livery of our esteemed client GB Logistics PLC.

There are now five Mercedes New Actros tractors in the fleet.

Five more trucks join our fleet!

We have once again been very fortunate to source five more DAF XF Space Cab 6×2 tractors to enlarge our fleet. These tractors, although ’61’ registered, have only 100K kms recorded and are as new.
They are equipped, in keeping with the rest of the fleet, with 460hp engines and AS-Tronic gearboxes.